5 Simple Things Needed To Design An Awesome Website

We’ve been talking about websites and the need to have a website for your business. Yes, it is a good tool for your business for all the reasons we listed. And there is no telling how a website can increase sales for your business if done well. But before you design that website, there are things you need to have in place to ensure that your website does what it is supposed to do.

If you are just starting your business, you really don’t need a website off the bat. And here’s a tip for new business owners; make sure that you have validated your business with extensive market research with some sales before you spend the time, energy and resources that will be put into designing an awesome website. 

So when you are ready to design your website, I have 5 simple things you need to design an awesome website. These 5 things are my 5 Ps in web design. They are:


Before you design your website, you need to first determine the purpose of this website. Is it going to be a simple information website where people can get information on your business and how they can reach you? Or is it going to be an e-commerce website where you will sell the different products that you make? Or is it for the purpose of list building? You have to be sure that you have 

carefully and painstakingly defined the reasons why you are designing this website in the first place. Remember websites are expensive not just in the money spent but also the time and energy you put into it. So when the purpose of the website is blurry, you just end up wasting valuable resources that you put into it especially when it pulls you away from the reason you are in business in the first place; serve.


Your persona is essentially your branding elements. Your branding elements are those things that your audience uses to recognize your business. This includes (but not limited to) your logo, your colors and fonts, your pictures and other imagery, your website copy, the tone of your content, and everything you want to be recognizable for your business. 

Remember your persona should always be clear for all to see. There should be no vagueness or ambiguity when it comes to knowing the persona of your website.

Personal Connection

Your website should have an avenue for people to connect with you on a personal level. Remember that the best thriving businesses are those to which there is some sort of personal connection between the customers and the business. People are no longer staying on the sidelines when it comes to the products and services that they consume. They want their opinions heard and their grievances responded to by the business owner.

You can have your customer service department contact details on the website or maybe an email that you can be reached when something is not working or they need some feedback for a product. And look at it this way, when you get this feedback for your audience, you are can make necessary corrections to mistakes that would have derailed your business in a big way. That problem can be averted immediately and your business doesn’t pay a big price in the long run. So having an avenue to get this feedback is very important to have for your website.


Simply put, your publication is your content. These can be written, audio or video content. Whatever it is, ensure that your content is always on point and handy to be published when it is the right time to do so. For example, a jeweler who has handmade jewels can put out content that pertains to how she sources for her gems or the materials she uses to make her products durable etc. 

These contents can either be a how-to video or a blog with pictures on what to look for in getting the same results she has when she makes her products. But this content has to be directed to your audience and have already laid out to be published at the frequency which you have set.


Your website should be designed with promotion in mind. There is no sense in having a website that is going to be sitting dormant and not utilized to the fullest. So think search engine optimization, having ads that can generate you residual income or even share buttons that your audience can click on to share either the website as a whole or other pertinent content that your audience loves. 

Basically, there should be a way that people who haven’t heard of you can come back to your website through search and/or share. It has to be planned for because these are ways to bring traffic to your website.


Designing a website is a lot; a lot of money, a lot of energy outputted, a lot of resources. You wouldn’t want to start a website and stop midway because you don’t have the things you need to finish the website. But when you have everything using the 5 Ps pf web design, you are sure to get a website that will definitely give you your returns on investment.

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