Characteristics of A Successful Website

There is no doubt about the importance of having a business website. It cannot be paralleled to its advantages and unequivocal response to how to effectively use a website for a plethora of things in your business. So yes, you need a website. But in the pursuit of the website, you have to ensure that it has all it takes to fulfill all the Foundations of A Successful Website. Here in lies the characteristics of a successful website. And I have ten of them to consider:

Character #1: Your website should be clear, simple and professional design.

What is the use of a website if it is not clear and readable. One thing you always want is for your audience to explore our website and find out ways they can work with you in your business. When it is not clear and simple, you will have them barely spending 8 seconds on your website which isn’t enough time to understand all the great things you can offer. Don’t make your website one that will make people think it is too much. 

  • Include ample white space on your website to make it “easy on the eyes” to view. A professional web designer can help you achieve this and more, flawlessly.

Character #2: Your website should have effective and professional use of imagery.

It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words. Use professional images to communicate with your audience. Eye Tracking Studies done by MarketingSherpa reveals that people are drawn to images of other people. So an image of you is one sure way that your audience can be drawn to you. 

  • Have a hero image; an image with an important copy next to the image.

Character #3: Your website should have the purpose statement as the headline.

When people come to your website, they should always see our purpose statement first. This is an attention grabber that communicates effectively the very thing you do. It should be legible with contrasting colors to draw that attention.

  • Make your headline a hero image of your picture and your purpose statement.

Character #4: Your website should have the appropriate font size and contrasting color sequence.

Your copy should be legible so that everyone can see what you are trying to communicate. It is not good when your audience squints to read what you have written. That is a major turn off and can be that one thing that will hinder your attracting clients to your business. Contrasting colors can also give your website a pop especially when effectively done. Use bright and dark colors especially when you want to emphasize a point to your audience.

  • Use a white background with black font on normal text in your website. Avoid dark backgrounds with a light font.

Character #5: Your website should showcase expert content.

When people come to your website, they should be able to see your expertise bare. No one is going to take your word for it that you do what you do. They want to see more and be assured that indeed you are great at what you say you do. One way to do this is by either having a blog or vlog section on your website. And constantly release the content based on the frequency you have set to do it. It is better to pace yourself with the content release than to sporadically release them. This will only make your audience get weary and lose interest.

  • A blog or vlog post a week is a good start and you can then grow from there.

Character #6: Your website should demonstrate social proof.

Social proof is testimonials of those that you have worked with in the past that are singing your praises. No one wants to buy something without first asking past customers their experiences of that product. The same goes for your business. People are convinced quicker to work with you when they see a person tell them great things about your business, your work ethic and the overall experience they will get working with you. These testimonials should have a separate section on your website so that they visible when people come to search for it.

  • Always ask your clients to fill a testimonial request at the end of your contract.

Character #7: Your website should have engaging and highly readable copy and content.

A boring content is a surefire way to give your audience the boot out of your website. Make it engaging and bring the language down a notch to the extent that an eight-year-old reading it can understand what you are saying. There are specific terminologies used in your industry and if you have to use them, ensure you explain what those are so that your audience can understand that what you are trying to explain. Make your content relatable because when people can relate to what you are saying, they understand better. 

  • Read your content out loud to hear yourself. What you hear is what your audience inevitable reads.

Character #8: Your website should have present your signature offer that showcases your expertise.

Your website should be all-encompassing to the extent that your free offer is showcased. People love free stuff and they will always want a trial first to see what you are made of before they can commit to buying. It is never a waste to give so much to your audience before they buy from you because it shows your dedication to serving them. And when you give freely, you reap the fruits in abundance.

  • Have your free offer box everywhere on the website so that it is easily seen.

Character #9: Your website should have easy access to social media accounts.

Social media has made it easy to connect to people on a level that is relational. With your social media accounts on your website, your audience can go check out the stuff you are doing and connect with you as well. Those announcements that you are making for your business is easily received when they can connect with you immediately. 

  • If you have an Instagram account, ensure you have your live IG feed displayed on your website.

Character #10: Your website should have cohesive navigation between pages.

Cohesion in a website is very important. It shows that you have your thoughts and brand together. Your audience is able to navigate from one page to another with ease. Even the content on a page flows from one section to another. There is fluidity of words and everything gels to become one solid entity. 

  • Having a sitemap helps in getting your website navigation cohesive.


These characteristics are a surefire way to get you on the path to having a successful website that converts and brings in those clients that you want to work with. Make use of them and you will see your audience start interacting with you for the purpose of working with you.

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