Components of a Website: How To Choose A Platform

A website is definitely one of those things an entrepreneur has to get in the business. Actually accomplishing this feat is not that easy but can be. There are so many components to think about when designing that website; components that will help you have a website that attracts your audience and converts them to paying audience. One of these components that seems to be a herculean task for some is the platform to build their business website.

Choosing a platform is the bane of some entrepreneurs’ business existence. They want to do what the “experts” say but deep down, they know that it might actually not serve their business at all. Here are things to consider when choosing a platform for your business website:

Will the platform fulfill the 5 P's In Web Design?

These 5 things are Purpose, Persona, Personal Connection, Publication, and Promotion. Does the platform of choice fulfill the purpose of the website? Let’s say you want an e-store, you have to choose a platform that gives you the ability to house multiple products, you can get payment easily, can give your customers security and peace of mind when purchasing and so on. 

If it is a blog, does the platform have a great way to roll out your posts and have ads running on your website for more income? If it is for a photographer, are you able to display quality pictures of your gallery and how to contact you for either an event or private purposes? You have to determine that the platform fulfills the purpose of the website. Will your website be on brand when it comes to Persona? Some platforms are not vast enough to have your branding elements on it unless you pay huge sums of money for an upgrade. Can your audience have a Personal Connection with you or does it make it difficult to even send a message to you? Remember that without a connection with your audience, it becomes difficult to even engage with them. Can your content be Published and it be easily seen by your audience? There is no need to use a platform that isn’t robust enough to house your different kinds of publication. Can you promote your website with easily or will it be found on search engines? If your website cannot be listed because of the platform, there is no need to even choose this platform, to begin with.

How easy is it to use the platform?

If you are a novice in web design but you want to run your own website, chances are you will need a platform that is easy to use. And this is one area when so many entrepreneurs miss it with their websites. They choose a platform because they have heard good things from the pros but when the pros are not there to update it, are you able to navigate the backend of the website with ease? You have to think about this

because the time you waste trying to rectify these website issues is the time that is pulled away from serving your clients and showcasing your brilliance. For any non-web design business, tinkering on your website is not the reason to which you got into the business.

How much does this platform cost?

Warren Buffet says, “Price is what you pay. Value is what you get”. This quote is very true all round for web design especially when choosing a platform. There are definitely free platforms in web design but these platforms often times puts so many restrictions on you such that your website becomes one that doesn’t convert. There are also some that even though you pay for it still makes it difficult to do

basic things needed for your website. So it comes down to choosing that platform that while you pay for it, doesn’t break the bank for you but at the same time, it fulfills the Foundations of a Successful Website; Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action. It makes no sense that you spend so much money on a platform that makes it difficult for your audience to take the necessary Action needed to bring those prospects in.

Does this platform give room for business growth?

Every business owner is definitely looking forward to growing. No one wants to remain in the same spot or stage they were when they started 5 or even 10 years ago. The platform you choose should always give you room for growth.  One of the most mundane things anyone can do in their business to reinvent the wheel. And when your platform makes you do this when you grow, it really makes things so uninspiring for your clients.

Rebuilding a website from scratch is asinine because you come out an all-round loser. There is the money you have spent, the time you have wasted and even the bad impression that has been left in the minds of your audience. Choose a platform that can handle your business growth right now.


The platform you choose for your website is really a huge factor in your web design. Choosing the right can facilitate in a great environment for your business to thrive. Choosing the wrong can make put you back in business so much so that you not focusing on the right things in your business; serving and showcasing your brilliance.

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